Thursday, July 11, 2013

why classical music should be preserved


The argument about whether or not classical music has been replaced by popular music has sparked a heated debate. This essay will discuss several reasons about why classical music is important and how to prevent it from being lost.
There are two main reasons to address the question about why classical music is important, which are, a historical reason, and cultural value. Firstly, classical music has a historical value. It shows the historical background of a country, for instance, an Indonesian song, Bengawan Solo. The song expressed about struggling for the independence of the country, in the past. The second point is the cultural value. Every traditional song represents its cultural background. Sometimes, people might know the origin of a song only by looking at the title, for example a Japanese song, the Cherry Blossom. People, who have been to Japan, might know that the song represents a flower that most Japanese are really proud of.
Preventing traditional music from being lost requires a significant amount of effort.  However, there are some actions that could be taken into account to solve the problem. At the first aspect, a simple solution would be, by introducing it through social media, such as, Facebook or YouTube. Since lots of the young generation have forgotten most of the classical music,  it ought to be reintroduced. A second measure would be, by adapting it to the school curriculum. If schools may have additional lessons for traditional music, it would be easier for students to learn about it. Even though it is quite difficult to adapt, in the long term, this effort is totally effective.
In conclusion, traditional music is very important because it has historical and cultural value. In my opinion, I belief that a measure such as introducing it widely, would be one of best solutions for this matter.

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