Thursday, July 11, 2013

people depencence on computers


 The argument about, whether people have become more and more reliant on computers, has sparked a civilized debate. I firmly believe that, computers could be used for advanced technology in the future, which could make people life easier. However, if people fail to manage their dependence on computers, it might lead to catastrophe.
In the next decade, computers might be used for many purposes, one of that may be, flying a huge airplane. Since computer technology has changed drastically, flying a plane from a long distance is more possible. One good illustration for this is the drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It is a light metal fuselage which specially built for specific objectives. Even though it is strictly used for military purpose, they can fly over continents on a special mission. Unlike conventional planes, the pilots use computers to control the drones. As a result, the mission might be accomplished efficiently without causing casualties. If the technology can be applied to commercial planes, it would be much more efficient.
On the other hand, depending on computers to operate airplanes might be a dreadful* idea. If we think about the ease of having computers as pilots, it seems to be not as simple as its sound. Computers, as well as many other technologies, are also having drawbacks. One good reason for this is because it is easy for them to be interrupted by other computers. For instance, in 2011, the Iranian military had succeeded in hacking the US military computers and then landed a drone in Iran. This incident shows that, although the US army has the most advanced computers, including experts behind them, they still have a weakness. In addition, leaving airplanes to be totally controlled by computers may lead to an accident. Dissimilar to pilots, computers might have no senses. They would not be able to decide something in a critical situation. They still need human intervention to operate them.
In conclusion, computers applied to many technologies in the future,  for instance, airplane technologies. However, they still need human intervention to operate them. Otherwise it would possibly be catastrophic. In my opinion, dependence on computers is basically not an excellent idea. It is not necessary to leave computers to manage our lives. This does not mean that advanced technology in computers ought to be prevented. On the contrary, it might be one of the best ways to make people lives easier than in the past. However, I do not think that you would agree if someday in the future, your life has become totally controlled by computers.

do celebrities are treated fairly by the media?


Whether a famous person is treated properly by the media, in my point of view, I firmly believe that the media has managed to balance the news regarding this issue. In addition, sometimes, being a celebrity means moving from a solitary life to celebrity lifestyle. This essay will examine both sides of the argument and discuss my opinion.
Famous people are treated fairly by the media. This is due to the fact that most of the news that is published in the media is balanced. One good illustration of this is entertainment news programs. These programs are aimed at fulfilling the needs of entertainment news for some audiences. For example Splash TV in AXN. One of the most famous celebrity news programs, which has succeeded in delivering entertainment news to lots of viewers in Southeast Asia without losing its slot to the other programs. Even though the program is a big hit, the duration is still limited to give way to other various programs offered by the broadcaster.
Turning to the question of trading-off privacy for being famous, requires deeper analysis. Being famous is a covenant. Celebrities have an obligation to the public to display their lives, and one of the best ways to deliver it is through the media. Moreover, celebrities make their own choices to put themselves in the spotlight. In some cases, however, the media go further on reporting celebrity news. Although it is in the media’s interest to report it, the news is supposed to be evenly balanced. Otherwise, they will bully a superstar without a chance to defend themselves. A case in point is the news about Michael Jackson. As the superstar lived, the media kept blaming him for some criminal cases. This situation led him to hide his family from the media. Furthermore, by putting his life in the spotlight, the lives of a celebrity would never be the same again.
In conclusion, the media should divide its time in equal portions to provide the news in balance. Otherwise, they will be an enemy to some celebrities. Even though it is slightly difficult to control the news, celebrities have to consider themselves as public figures.

why classical music should be preserved


The argument about whether or not classical music has been replaced by popular music has sparked a heated debate. This essay will discuss several reasons about why classical music is important and how to prevent it from being lost.
There are two main reasons to address the question about why classical music is important, which are, a historical reason, and cultural value. Firstly, classical music has a historical value. It shows the historical background of a country, for instance, an Indonesian song, Bengawan Solo. The song expressed about struggling for the independence of the country, in the past. The second point is the cultural value. Every traditional song represents its cultural background. Sometimes, people might know the origin of a song only by looking at the title, for example a Japanese song, the Cherry Blossom. People, who have been to Japan, might know that the song represents a flower that most Japanese are really proud of.
Preventing traditional music from being lost requires a significant amount of effort.  However, there are some actions that could be taken into account to solve the problem. At the first aspect, a simple solution would be, by introducing it through social media, such as, Facebook or YouTube. Since lots of the young generation have forgotten most of the classical music,  it ought to be reintroduced. A second measure would be, by adapting it to the school curriculum. If schools may have additional lessons for traditional music, it would be easier for students to learn about it. Even though it is quite difficult to adapt, in the long term, this effort is totally effective.
In conclusion, traditional music is very important because it has historical and cultural value. In my opinion, I belief that a measure such as introducing it widely, would be one of best solutions for this matter.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

what Universities could offer to its students


The argument about whether or not universities have to responsible for providing undergraduates with ability and aptitude that will be essential for their future career, has sparked a heated debate. In my opinion, teaching students to apply their knowledge and skills to face a future career is the main function of the universities.
The main functions of the universities can be divided into, first- educational purposes and second-improvement of social skills.  This means that students are taught to a totally different academic level. Unlike students at school who are passive learners, college students are compelled to be active. They will be taught about how to express their ideas, and how to adapt to an academic atmosphere. For example, they will learn about presenting an opinion and ways to defend it. As a result, it will shape their mindset and in the same way, enrich their knowledge about a subject of their study.
However, learning lots of knowledge will be pointless without improving social skills. This means that the students have to be taught about building a professional relationship in the future, for instance, interpersonal relationships. If they never learn this skill, they will face a challenging situation at work. Consequently, their relationship with other people will not be improved, and it might be difficult for them to have a successful career. Although many courses at Universities have covered specific subjects such as organizational skills, this does not mean that all of these subjects are relevant to students’ future career. On the contrary, the students need more additional knowledge to improve their experience.
In conclusion, universities have to teach their students both academic knowledge and organizational skills. However, since these subjects are not fully covered by most courses in the university, the students need to improve their skills by themselves. If the students fail to master these two skills, they may face a problem in their future careers.

Punishement or Justice?


Whether punishment should be fixed for each type of crimes or whether the conditions and motivation behind it should be considered, I firmly belief that the punishment must be based on a situation behind it. My main reasons are the equality before the law for all citizens and the presumption of innocence that must be taken into account. Another justification is that, someone who commits a crime unintentionally should not be punished as a bad person. Last but not least, if fixed punishment is applied, it may harm human rights.
Fixed punishment is acceptable because it has the advantage of simplicity. There are two reasons that can be used to justify this statement. First, it might reduce time. Once a criminal is proven to be guilty, he could be directly put into jail. For example, a murderer can be punished with fixed punishment after he is convicted of murder. Secondly, this kind of method could save money as a conventional legal system does not. As a result, people who are involved in a criminal case will get their rights and sanctions in a short length of time without spending unnecessary costs.
However, fixed punishment is also has drawbacks. In most countries, there is a similar term which is the equality before the law. This means that, everybody has the same rights before the law. Before deciding someone guilty, a presumption of innocence must be applied for each  criminal case. This mindset is needed to ensure that only the guilty are punished. For example, a person who kills a man in an accident must be differentiated from those who do it on purpose. If we use fixed punishment, these two cases seem to receive the same punishment, and it would be unfair to the person who does it unintentionally.
In my opinion, fixed punishment seems acceptable to reduce time and spending in a criminal case. However, its simplicity could erase the chance for someone who is not totally guilty to get justice. This does not mean that I disagree with this idea. On the contrary, we need to take human rights into account.
As discussed above, the main reason used to justify why fixed punishment will be suitable is because of its simplicity. On the other hand, upon deeper analysis, this argument does not stand up to scrutiny. Therefore, I would argue that punishment needs to be applied based on the circumstances and motivations behind it.