Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Handling the Environmental Issues


As an international issue, whether environmental matters must be administered by persons or countries, I personally agree that responsibility should goes to the government as a decision maker in a political system. My main reason is that the government has a central role in regulating ecological issues, especially related to the environment. Another justification is that people, in a political perspective, have less power than the government. Last but not least, if the individual is entrusted to be responsible for solving the environmental problems, it might be less effective.
There is an ongoing debate about the appropriate role of the government for solving environmental issues. However, in a state political system, authority for regulating rules rely on the country. This is due to its capacity to provide appropriate resources. Financial resources for instance, should be provided to fund lots of programs related to environmental preservation, like seminars, international conventions and implementing programs. However, dealing with an international issue like this would cost the earth. In addition, cooperation among countries must be settled for sharing costs and ensuring sustainability of the programs. The individual, on the other hand, is less capable of providing both funding and building cooperation. This does not mean that people can do nothing to manage the issue. On the contrary, individuals are effectively capable of evaluating and assessing the programs that are run by the government.
Every person is capable of managing environmental issues. There is a theory that the most effective communication is person to person. For example in a seminar about new initiatives on the government’s environmental programs, ideas of speakers can be easily discussed by audience. As a result, ideas could successfully develop in a further discussion. Like Al Gore for instance, a former Vice President of The United States. He had attended lots of international seminars all over the world to spread his idea about this. His idea about using renewable energy resources for everyday life has successfully spread into lots of countries, especially when he has successfully advised the Indonesian government for in implementing his idea about the use of sustainable energy resources. As a result, there is a regulation number 23 in 2003 about sustainable energy. In comparison to the government approach which is totally administrative, individual efforts in dealing with this matter seem to fit the bill.
In my point of view, I firmly belief that an international issue like the environment should be addressed to the government. This is because, they do not only have proper resources but they are also capable of implementing ideas and programs related to environmental matter.
In conclusion, although every person is capable of managing environmental problems, but in the political perspective, the government has possessed far significant role on delivering regulations and programs for managing ecological issues.

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