Thursday, July 11, 2013

people depencence on computers


 The argument about, whether people have become more and more reliant on computers, has sparked a civilized debate. I firmly believe that, computers could be used for advanced technology in the future, which could make people life easier. However, if people fail to manage their dependence on computers, it might lead to catastrophe.
In the next decade, computers might be used for many purposes, one of that may be, flying a huge airplane. Since computer technology has changed drastically, flying a plane from a long distance is more possible. One good illustration for this is the drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It is a light metal fuselage which specially built for specific objectives. Even though it is strictly used for military purpose, they can fly over continents on a special mission. Unlike conventional planes, the pilots use computers to control the drones. As a result, the mission might be accomplished efficiently without causing casualties. If the technology can be applied to commercial planes, it would be much more efficient.
On the other hand, depending on computers to operate airplanes might be a dreadful* idea. If we think about the ease of having computers as pilots, it seems to be not as simple as its sound. Computers, as well as many other technologies, are also having drawbacks. One good reason for this is because it is easy for them to be interrupted by other computers. For instance, in 2011, the Iranian military had succeeded in hacking the US military computers and then landed a drone in Iran. This incident shows that, although the US army has the most advanced computers, including experts behind them, they still have a weakness. In addition, leaving airplanes to be totally controlled by computers may lead to an accident. Dissimilar to pilots, computers might have no senses. They would not be able to decide something in a critical situation. They still need human intervention to operate them.
In conclusion, computers applied to many technologies in the future,  for instance, airplane technologies. However, they still need human intervention to operate them. Otherwise it would possibly be catastrophic. In my opinion, dependence on computers is basically not an excellent idea. It is not necessary to leave computers to manage our lives. This does not mean that advanced technology in computers ought to be prevented. On the contrary, it might be one of the best ways to make people lives easier than in the past. However, I do not think that you would agree if someday in the future, your life has become totally controlled by computers.

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