Wednesday, May 23, 2012

" who needs a private lesson....? "

        In studying, the student at school is usually facing many problems. One of them might be the lack of understanding about the subjects that taught by the teachers. There are several subjects that usually considered as the most difficult lesson to understood, which are Sciences, Math and English. In order to ensure that the pupils are mastering the lessons, their parents often suggest them to take some after school programs. The program is aimed to strengthen the students’ understanding about their previous lessons. As a remedial, this is a great effort. But on the other hand, more effort is sometimes means additional problems. These matters are depending on the capability of both parents and students in taking the private lessons.

        The first thing might be an additional expenditure. For several people, distributing more money to cover the cost for extra lessons could be a potential problem. As I experienced as an English mentor, parents with a limited financial-resources are always facing the matter to decide, whether they should spend the money for extra lessons, or keep it to fulfill their daily needs. Private courses are expensive. It is only stand for a small group of people or even a one-on-one learning method. The situation leads this method as a high cost learning system. Unfortunately, when the students need more exercises for different lesson, the amount of cash to spend would be raised. This argument will put the parents at a difficult situation, especially for the family with a limited income.

        The second would be the students themselves. Most children love to do their hobbies and interests, whether in sports or arts. This activity will give them a self-confidence which is needed in the process of self-building. By attending to an after-school lesson, the children will have a limited time to enhance their interests. This could lead the students to a stressful situation. Instead of providing solution in learning, the additional lesson after an exhausted school hours will give more pressure to the pupils.

        In short, the extra lesson might give more benefit in assisting the students to master the learning materials. It will very useful for students who have matters in understanding the topics. But on the other hand, the activity could provide another problem, which are, the inability of parents to spend more funds and the lack of spare time for children to extend their interest. Moreover, if the teacher at school is highly qualified for delivering the materials, then it is not necessary for the pupils to have some after-school courses.

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