Monday, April 15, 2013

Please,....don't hire children in a paid job !


 Many people are expressing concern about teenagers’ engagement in the job market. Other people, in addition, regard this as a serious problem. There are, of course, several risks inherent in such a development. The most obvious matter refers to the incapability of children in some paid work. Inexperience is another hazard. Connected to this, I believe that children should not involved in a paid job until they have proper knowledge to work.
Firstly, some people argue that children should not work. There is a common belief in society that, instead of having paid jobs children should go to school. This reason refers to limited experience that may harm them in a particular job. For example, in the construction sector in some countries like China and India, hiring teenagers as laborers is a common. This issue, shockingly, based on some companies policies to reduce its expenditures. For economic reason, the company would ignore the capability of children at work. Moreover, a recent issue in China’s job market nowadays shows an increasing number of occupational accidents within the last 10 years.
However, some people rely on an argument that children who have paid jobs could gain more than a salary. They could get an additional experience that would be useful in the future, like being an organized person. In addition, it would be easier for them to adapt to a working environment. Unfortunately however, they do not only need experience to have a bright career, but also proper knowledge that can only be obtained at formal education. This does not mean that having an experience at work for children is not necessary. On the contrary, a specific measure needs to be arranged in order to address this issue, like government involvement in regulating legal rules for labor.
In conclusion, having a paid job for children are not a necessity, even though they could have additional experiences, it would be useless without proper knowledge. Therefore, a specific regulation is needed to manage this emerging issue.

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